Upholding tradition while evolving with the times.

Our confectioneries are created throught the collaboration of Ryukyuan culture and Chinpindo’s passion,

and delivered to our customers.


Hello, I am Jinsho Asato of Chinpindo Co., Ltd.


It has been close to 50 years since the establishment of our company.


I am the second generation CEO and this is the tenth year since I took this position over from my fater.


I want to be involved in Okinawa, and hope to forge ahead as a local Okinawan producer.


By promoting Okinawa’s culture and using local, healthy ingredients,

I hope to create confectioneries that are “Delicious and full of Okinawa flavor” and give joy to our customers.


This passion is what gave me the strong determination to produce Chinsuko and confectioneries using brown sugar.


However, our aim is to not only remain as a company that upholds tradition,

but one that continues its efforts to create new flavors and enjoyment.


To create confectioneries that have been good and which remain good today, we must always be willing to evolve.


To meet the tastes of the times, we must add changes to our flavors in order for people to always enjoy our products.


We at Chinpindo Co., Ltd. believe that that is what allows us to evolve while upholding our traditions.

Company Outline

Company Name Chinpindo Co., Ltd.
CEO Jinsho Asato
Founded April 1973
Established June 8, 2002
Number of Employees 35 (Including part-time workers) As of March 2011.
Head Office 4-17-15 Nishizaki, Itoman City, Okinawa, Japan 901-0305
Telephone 098-840-3040
Fax 098-840-3041
E-mail address
Description of Business Production and distribution of confectioneries made with Okinawa’s ingredients.
Main Clients Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.; Takayama Co., Ltd.; Miyata Co., Ltd.; Confex Co., Ltd.; Kawahira Shoukai Co., Ltd.; GIMA Co., Ltd.; Okinawa Products Associated Co., Ltd.; and Okinawa Products Enterprise Corp.


Corporate History

April 1954 Founded
July 1954 Production of candies at Maruyasu Seika
1958 Start of senbei products
1965 Changed the company name to Chinpindo Seika
1974 Established and moved to the company factory at Kohagura, Naha City
1978 After Okinawa’s reversion to Japan, shifted production to brown sugar related products, promoting the unique qualities of Okinawa and to avoid competition with large-scale manufacturers in mainland Japan, shifted production
1980 Our brown sugar candy is awarded the Honorary President Award
1985 Changed the company name to Chinpindo Shoji
1991 Started shipping Okinawa-made snacks to mainland Japan
1997 Established a chinsuko factory in Naha City
2002 Incorporated and changed the company name to Chinpindo Co., Ltd
Jinsho Asato takes position as CEO
2003 Moved the head office and factory to Nishizaki, Itoman City
May 2005 Installed a chocolate production line
April 2008 Installed a high-speed, automatic packaging machine, and with this, created the bite-sized chinsuko
November 2008 Started the Anri brand and created the Caf? Chocolat
Presently, the Chinsukou Caf? Chocolat is our top selling product
February 2011 Began sales of Sakura Saku Chinsuko, being the first in Okinawa Prefecture to sell products that contain cherry blossom leaf chips
June 2012 Installed an automatic measuring machine


A traditional confectionery inherited from the Ryukyu era Chinsuko

Chinsuko is one of Okinawa’s most famous confectioneries and popular souvenirs.

Its beginning can be traced back to the 15th century, during the era of the Ryukyu Dynasty.


Back then, the Chinsuko was a Chinese-style steamed sponge cake.

The present baked cookie style was established during the Meiji era which began in the late 1800s.


The Chinsuko was an extravagant treat that only the aristocrats had the luxury of enjoying.

It is said that its name originates from such a past,

which is said to mean “expensive confectionery” or “rare and precious confectionery.”


Today, Chinsuko is most well-known as a popular souvenir, but it is still a traditional confectionery.


Chinsuko by Chinpindo is made with less lard and is prepared for our customers

to conveniently enjoy the light cookie-like texture and delicious taste.

Okinawa’s all-natural taste; beloved by the people for generations. Okinawa Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is made by cooking sugarcane juice and it contains molasses.


Long ago, the all-natural brown sugar was an important part of the people’s diet as a source of nutrients.

Today, it is still a cherished part of people’s lives.


The traditional methods of production has been passed on, unchanged.

At Chinpindo, we produce our wide variety of confectioneries in our factory in Okinawa.


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