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To Our New Users

Upholding tradition while evolving with the times.
Our confectioneries are created throught the collaboration of Ryukyuan culture and Chinpindo’s passion, and delivered to our customers.

Hello, I am Jinsho Asato of Chinpindo Co., Ltd.

It has been close to 50 years since the establishment of our company.

I am the second generation CEO and this is the tenth year since I took this position over from my fater.

I want to be involved in Okinawa, and hope to forge ahead as a local Okinawan producer.

To Our New Users

By promoting Okinawa’s culture and using local, healthy ingredients, I hope to create confectioneries that are “Delicious and full of Okinawa flavor” and give joy to our customers.

This passion is what gave me the strong determination to produce Chinsuko and confectioneries using brown sugar.

However, our aim is to not only remain as a company that upholds tradition, but one that continues its efforts to create new flavors and enjoyment.

To create confectioneries that have been good and which remain good today, we must always be willing to evolve.

To meet the tastes of the times, we must add changes to our flavors in order for people to always enjoy our products.

We at Chinpindo Co., Ltd. believe that that is what allows us to evolve while upholding our traditions.

Chinpindo Co., Ltd. 
Jinsho Asato, CEO