Chinpindo | Production and distribution of confectioneries made with Okinawa's ingredients.


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Company Outline


Company Name Chinpindo Co., Ltd.
CEO Jinsho Asato
Founded April 1973
Established June 8, 2002
Number of Employees 35 (Including part-time workers) As of March 2011.
Head Office 4-17-15 Nishizaki, Itoman City, Okinawa, Japan 901-0305
Telephone 098-840-3040
Fax 098-840-3041
E-mail address
Description of Business Production and distribution of confectioneries made with Okinawa's ingredients.
Main Clients Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.; Takayama Co., Ltd.; Miyata Co., Ltd.; Confex Co., Ltd.; Kawahira Shoukai Co., Ltd.; GIMA Co., Ltd.; Okinawa Products Associated Co., Ltd.; and Okinawa Products Enterprise Corp.

Corporate History

April 1954Founded
July 1954Production of candies at Maruyasu Seika
1958Start of senbei products
1965Changed the company name to Chinpindo Seika
1974Established and moved to the company factory at Kohagura, Naha City
1978After Okinawa's reversion to Japan, shifted production to brown sugar related products, promoting the unique qualities of Okinawa and to avoid competition with large-scale manufacturers in mainland Japan, shifted production
1980Our brown sugar candy is awarded the Honorary President Award
1985Changed the company name to Chinpindo Shoji
1991Started shipping Okinawa-made snacks to mainland Japan
1997Established a chinsuko factory in Naha City
2002Incorporated and changed the company name to Chinpindo Co., Ltd
Jinsho Asato takes position as CEO
2003Moved the head office and factory to Nishizaki, Itoman City
May 2005Installed a chocolate production line
April 2008Installed a high-speed, automatic packaging machine, and with this, created the bite-sized chinsuko
November 2008Started the Anri brand and created the Caf? Chocolat
Presently, the Chinsukou Caf? Chocolat is our top selling product
February 2011Began sales of Sakura Saku Chinsuko, being the first in Okinawa Prefecture to sell products that contain cherry blossom leaf chips
June 2012Installed an automatic measuring machine